America 4 America

Note: This post originally appeared on Diane Ravitch’s blog, the work of anonymous writer. I tracked her down and we’ve been friends ever since!

America For America
When my family joined the program, I thought being a host sister would be a life-changing event. I’d grown up watching reruns of The Wire and Yo Teach! and I’ve just always felt like I wanted to do my part.

For the past two years I’ve been part of the program, I’ve agreed to share my room if the 5th grade student we host is a girl, but naturally a boy student stays with my younger brother. Right now we have a boy, which I’m glad about because I’m exhausted by the added Talk Time™ that comes with waking up and falling asleep with a student sharing my room. Honestly, the prescribed Good mornings! How did you sleep? the Would you like to use the bathroom first or shall I? And that’s the easy stuff! My phone’s app tracks my talk and presents me with endless incentives to make the student Stretch It™ even when we’re just watching one half hour of Roku together before bed. I don’t care if she can extend her response to my open-ended question about Taylor Swift’s analysis of this week’s International Idol contestants. Can’t we just agree Taylor Swift is a has-been and her red lipstick way too much? Continue reading →