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What kind of stock are New York education officials selling?

By Sue Altman, EduShyster Academy

I’m usually a big typo apologist—except when it comes to scripted agendas issued by the New York State Education Department.  I’ve CC’d the wrong people, attached the wrong drafts, and once, accidentally submitted a group paper in business school entitled, “Marketing Total BS, Group 21.doc.” So I’m willing to forgive mistakes, except when they offer priceless insight into what’s really going on at the New York State Education Department, the epicenter of BS marketing in New York. Continue reading →

¡Common Core Death Match!

Dear Common Core:
I know I’ve been ignoring you. The truth of the matter is that I’ve never been all that interested in you. In fact, there’s something about you that leaves me feeling, well, just a little bit sleepy. In other words CC—can I call you CC?—the problem isn’t you, it’s me, or at least that’s what your devoted fans are so quick to imply should my opinion shade the slightest bit critical. But I’m starting to wonder if I may have misjudged you, CC. I think we need to talk….

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Common Corn

Concerned about what the Common Core has in store for kids? Just wait till you see what it’s doing to the “adult interests.”
It may be years before we know for sure that the grand experiment known as the Common Core has succeeded in producing outstanding 21st century workers with 21st century skillz. But while we wait for the current generation of guinea pigs students to attain factoidal fluency, there are encouraging signs that the Common Core is already enhancing excellence in education officials. In fact, their excellence is so enhanced that it is virtually impossible to understand what they are talking about without using a special glossary to understand what they are talking about. Continue reading →