Hack for America

What if there were a way to replace old, non-excellent teachers with fresh new ones—and best of all, make sure that the new teachers remain freshly excellent? Great news reader! The problem that has long stifled our public schools, causing our students to lag and languish, has at last been solved. The solution comes to us via an opinion writer at the Boston Globe who *gets* that if you let teachers hang around for too long their excellence depletes and they get stale.  Continue reading →

Boston Globe to Miracle Charter: You’re Not All That!

The red-hot love affair between the Boston Globe and UP Academy has officially hit the skids.

It’s time now for another installment of EduShyster’s favorite telenovela: “Nos Encanta Los Escuelos Charteros.” This long-running series features the Boston Globe in the role of love-besotted suitor, intent on showing its love for local charter schools through cartas de amor, otherwise known as news articles. When we last tuned in, the Globe’s mad luv for local miracle school UP Academy, appeared to have hit a rough patch. EduShyster can now officially confirm that the Globe and UP Academy are done, splitsville, broken up.
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A Charter School Teacher Takes on the Boston Globe

By Nancy L. Bloom
Boston Globe columnist Scot Lehigh is right about one thing. His ideas about education really do make me uncomfortable—and it’s not just because I’m a staunch supporter of teacher unions. His recent assertion that Massachusetts should lift the cap on charter schools in order to save the children who live in poor, urban (that means black) neighborhoods by providing longer school days and years is simply faulty. Continue reading →

Is the Boston Globe’s Mad Luv 4 Charters on the Skids?

As regular Boston Globe readers know (and there are still a handful of you out there…),G has MAD luv 4 our local laboratories of innovation and excellence, and none more so than a certain UP Academy. Since UP began its steady UPward trajectory in the spring of 2011, the Globe has devoted untold column inches to singing her praises, including this doozy of a love letter from EduShyster fave Lawrence Harmon: Continue reading →

Boston Globe Watch: A Two Source Town

To: Globe editorial staff, writers in all departments

Re: Mandatory use of Paul Grogan and Sam Tyler as sources in ALL stories

It has come to our attention that some writers are failing to follow the recently implemented policy requiring that either Paul Grogan or Sam Tyler be quoted AT LEAST ONCE in every Globe story or editorial. Note: the new policy is mandatory and applies to all departments, including food and sports. Some of you have questioned how best to incorporate Grogan or Tyler into stories on subject matters upon which they may have no expertise. To clarify: Grogan and Tyler are experts ON ALL TOPICS and should be treated as such. (See forthcoming: Grogan Impatient with Pace of Red Sox Turnaround; and Dinner with Cupid: Will this Financial Watchdog Find Love? (And how can he get out of picking up the tab???).

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