Storefront School: Excavating A Radical Education Experiment in Harlem

In the latest episode of Have You Heard we climb into the time machine and head to central Harlem in the late 1960’s, home to a radical—and little known—education experiment. For seven years, Harlem Prep, an independent school that was entirely funded by private donations, operated out of a storefront, sending students who’d dropped out or been pushed out of the NYC Public Schools onto college. Education historian Barry Goldenberg, the runner up in our Have You Heard Graduate Student Research Contest, takes us on a tour of a radically alternative school. And speaking of the Have You Heard Graduate Student Research Contest, it’s back! If you’re a grad student and think your research on K-12 or higher education is *pod worthy,* this is your chance! All the info you need is here. And a full transcript of our Harlem Prep episode is here

The Have You Heard Graduate Student Research Contest is Back!

Are you a graduate student whose research on K-12 or higher education is ready for the podcast limelight? Then we have 30 minutes of prime audio real estate with your name on it.

Have You Heard is a biweekly education policy podcast, featuring scholar Jack Schneider and journalist Jennifer Berkshire. Seeking to move past the headlines and the talking points, the show presents important academic research in a humorous, easy-to-listen-to format. It may not be peer-reviewed, but Have You Heard does reach thousands of listeners with each episode, giving graduate students an audience many times larger than even the biggest AERA conference room!

To learn more about the show, check out the Have You Heard blog. Or better yet, pick your way through the show’s archives on iTunesSoundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to check out the episode with last year’s contest winner, Elise Castillo (UC Berkeley).

To apply, send a brief (200-300 word) description of your research. Then, in no more than two sentences, make the case for why you think it belongs in a podcast. Tell us, too, where you’re in school and what program you’re enrolled in. A round of finalists will be invited to submit full versions of their research, and the winner of the Graduate Student Research Contest will appear on a spring 2020 episode.

Deadline: December 1st, 2019

Contact: (our great grad assistant!)

Kochland: Inside the Koch’s Vision for Public Education

In the latest episode of Have You Heard, we talk to Christopher Leonard about his bestselling new book, Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America. Leonard spent seven years delving deep into the rise and reach of Koch Industries. He gained an inside perspective into how the Kochs see the world—and why remaking public education is such a priority for the family. Complete transcript of the episode is available here. And if you’re a fan of Have You Heard, please consider supporting us with a small donation.

Betsy DeVos: The Musical!

Theater teacher Quinn Strassel has seen first hand the impact that Betsy DeVos has had on Michigan’s public schools. And so he decided to fight back, by writing a musical. Strassel grew up and attended schools in Ypsilanti, MI, where he was schooled in the theatrical arts by teacher Diane Hill. Ypsilanti’s acclaimed theater program no longer exists—under Michigan’s “schools of choice” policy, the subject of episode #68, school districts compete against each other for students and the funding that comes with them, and working class districts like Ypsilanti have not fared well. But enough with the bleak back story! Diane Hill, now an award-winning actress, plays the part of Betsy DeVos in Quinn’s musical. Jennifer was lucky enough to get to be in the audience when Quinn staged a reading. In the latest episode of Have You Heard, you get to listen in on Betsy DeVos!: the Musical! and hear Quinn talk about his effort to make a serious point by getting us all laughing, Note: Quinn is currently raising funds to stage a professional, fully realized production next summer leading into the 2020 election. If you want to support his efforts, click here.  

Complete transcript available here.

The Back to School Episode

In the latest episode of Have You Heard we go back to school. And not to the idealized, romantic notion of school but to the harsh reality that awaits too many students and teachers. But wait! Our special guests are all intent on doing something about it. We hear from four educators who have a keen understanding of what needs to change, both inside and outside of school. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to do what they’re doing! Complete transcript of the episode available here. And if you’re a fan of our work, consider supporting us with a donation.