Top 10 Reasons to Join Teach For America

TweetDid you miss the last application deadline for Teach for America? Fret not, young reader—you still have three more weeks before the next and final deadline to join the 2014 corps. By Jay Saper, TFA reject 1. Teach for America saves taxpayers a fortune. Let’s face it: ending poverty in this country would cost a fortune. That’s why […]

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control: The Long (and Very Lucrative) Search for Short Cuts in American Education

TweetIn the latest episode of the Have You Heard podcast (episode #49 to be precise), Jack and Jennifer explore the rich history of edu-preneurialism. Bob Hampel, author of Fast and Curious: a History of Short Cuts in American Education, steps into the studio to talk about edu-scams, past and present. Transcript available here. And in […]

Janus and the Future of Teachers Unions

TweetWhat will the Supreme Court’s recent Janus ruling mean for teachers unions? Jon Shelton, author of the recent (and excellent) book Teacher Strike! Public Education and the Making of a New American Political Order joins me to discuss. If you’ve been trying to figure out how this spring’s teacher walkouts, the surge of grassroots energy […]

Rate My Teacher

TweetIn the latest episode of Have You Heard, Jack Schneider and I have a spirited back-and-forth with none other than Michelle Rhee. Jack asks her if she’s ready to admit that evaluating teachers on the basis of their student test scores has been a bad idea. I channel Gary Rubinstein and ask Rhee if the teaching profession […]