David vs. Goliath, Inc.

Can a scrappy little army bring down #edreform inc.?

Reader: I have a confession to make. My path has not been a righteous one. In fact the last time I attended a church service was in the 5th grade, when, as a *plus one* with my best friend’s family, I would pass a confused, incense-choked hour thinking longingly of the donuts that waited downstairs. But that all changed recently when I accompanied wonder blogger Mercedes Schneider to her southern Louisiana church. Her pastor gave a sermon about David and Goliath, so powerful, so perfect for our *2 big 2 fail* times that I have been thinking about it ever since.  Continue reading →

EduShyster’s Goin’ to the EdReformies…

When I heard about the education reform event of the year, I knew I had to go. With leading reform luminaries gathering to mark the 20th anniversary of the Center for Education Reform, it’s guaranteed to be a star-studded night of innovation, disruption and excellence that also puts students first. But there was a problem. Scoring a high-performing seat at this year’s special Rat Pack tribute by the all-star band, the Reformers, was going to set me back a cool $250. Then a generous benefactor stepped forward and offered to make my dreams come true. Reader: EduShyster is headed to the EdReformies! Continue reading →

In Chicago, Rahm’s Reform Vision in Deep Dish

The final “vote” on which Chicago Public Schools to shutter may be a done deal, but the implications of the largest single school closure in US history will be felt well beyond the Windy City. Mayor Emanuel, who has long tethered his political fortunes to hedge-funded education reform, now has poll numbers hovering near the bottom of Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, the Chicago media has suddenly awakened and is practicing, once again, the long-lost art of journalism. And Chicago charter school fever is beginning to look an awful lot like old-fashioned Illinois-style “pay to play” corruption. In other words, on this bad news bears day, my outlook is decidedly wine-box-half-full… Continue reading →