Minneapolis: Land of 10,000 Rephorm Miracles

The Twin Cities’ Venture Academy is already raising expectations—not to mention a boatload of cash—despite the fact that the school hasn’t opened yet.

‘Tis the season for miracles and today I give you a miraculous one indeed. Imagine a school so excellent, so innovative that it has succeeded in raising expectations and boosting achievement before its doors have even opened. Where is this miracle occurring? Reader: it’s time to squeeze into your ski pants and slip the insulator over your wine box. We’re headed to Minneapolis, or as I like to call it, the Land of 10,000 Rephorm Miracles.
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Have a Very Rephormy Christmas!

And an excellent and innovative new year…

Still looking for the purrfect gift for that extra excellent and innovative someone in your life? Not to worry. EduShyster has assembled an assembly of offerings guaranteed to send test scores soaring all through the holidays and into 2013. So from my rephorm family to yours: ¡feliz navidad and a very prospero año! Continue reading →

Another Great Idea from Bill Gates

The Gates Foundation is spending $1.4 million on research involving cool new galvanic bracelets to measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness.

Bill Gates is funding research into magic bracelets that will measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Can a device measuring the effectiveness of philanthropists be far behind?

To all of you Bill Gates haters out there, I challenge you to identify a single one of “Mr. Mensa’s” ideas that hasn’t made our schools better. Ok, fine. Name four. Can’t do it, can you?

Well like BG8s (the Microsoft mogul’s rap name), I happen to agree with the proposition that there are plenty of easy–and more importantly, lucrative–fixes to the complex challenges of public education. So I lit up like a Galvanic bracelet when I read about the Gates Foundation’s decision to pour money into research on the use of so-called GSR devices to measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Continue reading →