Why My Charter School Needs a Union

Urban Prep teacher Dave Woo says unionization can shine a light *into the dark unknown crevices of charter school management*…

By Dave Woo
Urban_Prep_EnglewoodWhy does my charter school need a union? In a word: accountability. After having worked at Chicago’s Urban Prep Charter Academy for six years, I have serious concerns about how resources are allocated by my own charter network. And my research into whether charter schools are truly public or private entities under the law has convinced me that these problems aren’t confined to schools like Urban Prep or Chicago’s UNO network. There are serious questions that need to be asked about the lack of accountability for charter school operators. Having a union at charters schools will force operators to think twice before doing anything that isn’t in the best interest of students. Continue reading →

Go 2 the Head of the Class War

Reader: ever since I heard economist Tyler Cowen being interviewed on NPR this week about the charred hellscape that is our immediate future, I have been in something of a state. You see, Cowen, whose new book is entitled Average is Over, says that not only is staggering income inequality here to stay, but that most of us can look forward to subsisting on cat food and nettles while a few wired creative types and their hipster underlings lord it over us. Continue reading →