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Join Jack Schneider and me as we explore education in the time of Trump, one hot-button topic at a time. You can listen to episodes of Have You Heard on Soundcloud, or subscribe on iTunes. If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see us tackle, drop me a line at jenniferberkshire@gmail.com.

In our latest episode we discuss how test scores and other current metrics distort our picture of school quality, often fostering segregation in the process. What would a better set of measures include? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out!

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  • The Right’s Long Crusade Against Government Schools. A conversation with historian Nancy MacLean.
  • I Quit! We hear from teachers who have left their jobsand want to tell the world why.
  • Putting the ‘i’ in School: Personalized Learning and the Disruption of Public Education. The push to “personalize” education is on, with more Silicon Valley disrupters jumping into the big money fray every week. But as we discuss with guest Bill Fitzgerald, the search for a technological cure for what ails our public schools goes way back.
  • Buying Influence: Big Money and School Board Elections Researcher Rebecca Jacobsen talks to us about what’s behind the sudden surge of outside, often untraceable money, into school board races.
  • DNA Test: The Ancestry of Charter Schools Writer Rachel Cohen joins us to subject charter schools to a paternity test.
  • Where Have All the Black Teachers Gone We’re joined by scholar Terrenda White, who explains the role that education reform has played in reducing the number of Black teachers, and why recruiting Black students to be future teachers is such a challenge when school can feel a lot like jail.
  • Truth in Edvertising. Is $1000 per student kind of a lot to spend on marketing? We explore the fast-growing and completely unregulated world of school marketing or as we like to call it: edvertising.
  • A Laundromat for Tax Dollars, delves into the complex and controversial topic of tax credit scholarships, which as tax expert Carl Davis told us, have more in common with money laundering than with traditional charitable giving.
  • For Profit U, features a conversation with Tressie McMillan Cottom about the rise of for-profit colleges, and *risky* higher ed that saddles low-income students with debt and questionable credentials.
  • School Choice Meltdown in Motown Have You Heard heads to Detroit to hear from parents about how they’re faring in the city’s “education marketplace.” We listen in as they describe neighborhoods that have become school deserts, and the chaos of dealing with schools that suddenly close their doors.
  • Rate my Teacher: A Conversation with Michelle Rhee We ask Rhee about whether she’s rethinking the use of student test scores to evaluate teachers, whether the policies she’s pushed for have led to teacher shortages, and what’s next for the education reform movement in these Trumpian times.
  • You’re Fired We examine the origin of the idea that the best way to fix struggling schools is to turn them upside down.
  •  Vouchers: a Love Story We discuss the history of the school voucher movement and its strange bedfellows, and mix it up with Travis Pillow, a voucher superfan.