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Join Jack Schneider and me as we explore education in the time of Trump, one hot-button topic at a time. You can listen to episodes of Have You Heard on Soundcloud, or subscribe on iTunes. If you have ideas for topics you’d like to see us tackle, drop me a line at jenniferberkshire@gmail.com.

In our latest episode we meet a young teacher named Mihir Garud, who fled Wall Street for a Chicago charter school. He’s also the newly elected treasurer of a union that now represents 25% of charter school teachers in Chicago. Garud views unions as the “last brake” on a free market capitalism run amok, something that puts him the company of a majority of millennials. And as Jack discovers when he climbs into the time machine and travels back to 1897, when the Chicago Federation of Teachers was founded, the new union activists that Garud represents have a lot in common with the 19th century sisters who started this whole teacher union thing.

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