Intern Wanted

Do your friends complain about your tendency to work education policy into every conversation? I don’t mind! I write a popular blog that examines the unintended consequences of the efforts to reform our public schools. I’m also the co-host of Have You Heard, a biweekly podcast on hot-button education topics. I’m in search of an intern who shares my passion for taking complex issues and making them accessible, in a blog post, through an interview, or a podcast. I see this less as a traditional internship than an opportunity to learn from one another. I’ll show you how to conduct an interview, how to shape your ideas into a blog post that people actually read, and how to take a huge issue and turn it into a 30 minute podcast episode. And I welcome your input into topics to take on, voices to include, how to use social media more effectively etc. If you like to write, have a deep interest in people’s stories, and a sense of humor, this may be the internship for you. If you are self-directed, meaning that you work well without a lot of supervision, and you don’t mind that this opportunity is, um, nonpaid, an internship with me might be just the thing!

To apply, send a letter of inquiry to by February 25th. And don’t skimp on the details! Tell me all about yourself and why you feel passionate about public education.