The White Choice

A growing number of choosy choosers are choosing the white choice for their children

It’s hard to believe but National School Choice Week is here again. This year’s choicetacular celebration started off with a bang—make that a bell—as students from Newark Prep Charter School, operated by K12 (NYSE: LRN), rang the New York Stock Exchange opening bell, signaling the dawning of a new era of investing in student futures. But hark! Could those be dark clouds threatening our bright yellow choice-filled future??? Continue reading →

Thar’s Choice in Them Thar Hills

Will DougCo voters choose the right choice?

It’s election season in America’s choiciest locale, Douglas County, Colorado, USA. And that can only mean one thing: DougCo residents will soon be making a choice about choice. But will they make the right choice? And is there someone, or better yet, many someones who can descend upon DougCo in order to help them choose wisely? Reader: saddle up the ponies and prepare the choice wagons—we’re headed west.
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Choosy Kids Choose Choice

A wealthy Colorado county strives to become the choiciest place in America

It’s one of the great unfairnesses of our time: why are kids on the wrong side of the excellence gap getting all of the “choice”? Now, thanks to the bold innovativeness of one Colorado county, kids on the right side of the excellence divide may soon have all of the choices they can choose from. Welcome to Douglas County, the wealthiest county in all of Colorado—and soon to be the choiceiest. Continue reading →

National School Choice Week—Is It Really Over Already???

National School Choice Week may be over but you can wear this choice swag every day of the year.

Reader: I fear the dreaded day has at last arrived—the end of National School Choice Week. Like you, I find myself wrestling with an urgent, existential question: how is it that an issue as fiercely urgent as school choice can be confined to a single week? Good news choice lovers: it turns out that National School Choice Week is actually a year-round organization with its own president who shows up for work during the other 51 weeks of the year—that is when he’s not out on other urgent choice-related business. Did I say choice? I meant ¢hoi¢e. Once again the civil rights issue of our time is demonstrating measurable success, in the bank accounts of the rephormers that is. Continue reading →