Single White Female

Many studies show that young white teachers are fresher and more innovative than their LIFO lifer peers of other races.

The achievement gap is the civil rights issue of our time—which is why it may be necessary for us to destroy a large part of the Black middle class in order to achieve our goal of closing said gap.

During the Chicago Teachers Union strike I encountered a stunning statistic. Since education reform arrived in Chicago, African Americans have dropped from 45% of the teaching force to just 19%. But how can that be? you must be wondering. Arne Duncan LUVS Black people. Alas reader, while the schools slated for closure, turnaround or charterization have had a significant percentage of African American teachers, the ones replacing them rarely do. But at least Chicago has made great strides in closing the achievement gap…

Chicago is not the only place where Education Reform, Inc. is quickly reshaping the teaching force into one that is fresher and more innovative younger and whiter. In urban areas across the country, middle-aged, middle class African American teachers are being pushed out to make room for the flavor of the day: vanilla. Continue reading →

The Massachusetts Miracle

 UP Academy is a genuine miracle school, achieving miraculous results in its brief existence. Now UP has its sites set on one of Boston’s largest elementary schools, and the miracles have started already.

Massachusetts is home to plenty of miracle schools, those wonder academies of excellence and innovation that teach EXACTLY THE SAME students as our union-stifled public schools but achieve miraculous results. One of these is working such marvels, such magic that it deserves a special stop on our wonder tour. Reader, I give you Unlocking Potential, or UP Academy, which in its brief existence has managed to prove once and for all that poverty doesn’t matter. No wonder that UP is quickly expanding into a mini-miracle empire. Continue reading →

Greetings from the Rephormiest Place in America

Pioneers for excellence and choice break ground on what will be the 13th charter school in Douglas County, Colorado, the rephormiest place in America.

Reader: nothing brings me more joy each day than the arrival of the EduShyster mailbag. Will it contain a shiny alert from one of the interchangeable #edreform PAC-lets, trumpeting vaguely and ominously about parents’ rights? Or perhaps there is to be news of a fresh new study boldly claiming the need for freshness and innovation in our schools—if we are to begin to try to meet the anticipated needs of tomorrow today…

Alas, the EduShyster mailbag contained something far more delightful: a postcard from an EduShyster premium reader who happens to find herself living, teaching and parenting in one of the rephormiest places in the US of A: Douglas County, Colorado. For those of you who have not been able to experience the excellence and innovation in the Centennial State’s eighth most populous county for yourselves, allow me to summarize for you. There was a lot of Standing for Children, followed by a surging grassroots movement demanding Excellent Teachers and Excellent Leaders, the creation of a bold new system that rewards Merit and Excellence in our Schools as well as a Blueprint for Choice. Now, like pioneers in a covered wagon, the children of Douglas County are hurtling towards World Class Outcomes, a new generation of creative, financially literate critical thinkers, globally aware problem solvers, and adaptable, ethical, resilient collaborators. Continue reading →

The Passions of Ann Romney: Horses, Charter Schools

In a new interview with Good Housekeeping Ann Romney reveals that her major passions include horses and charter schools.

Reader, I have been so worried about what will happen to the most vulnerable among us should Mitt Romney win the election: children Democrats for Education Reform. What if, even though DFER’s positions on education are straight out of the ALEC playbook, these scrappy ascot wearing advocates for reform should find themselves without a seat at the table after the election—and all because of a pesky little symbol after their name: IV ‘D’?

So what a relief it is to find out that Ann Romney has so much in common with the hedge fund men of DFER, not to mention their striving little siblings, the prep school contingent that is Students for Education Reform. Ann likes horses, DFER and SFER both grew up riding, even though mummy and daddy made them leave Foxy at home when they went off to Deerfield Academy. Ann and Mitt had some hardscrabble years when they were barely scraping by on stock options. DFER and SFER get by on their passion for the civil right$ i$$ue of our time, boosted solely by occasional donations from the Walton family and an extensive network of hedge funder friends. Continue reading →

Is Thomas Friedman a Low-Performing Columnist?

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman looks glum after learning that claims he made about Race to the Top have been widely and repeatedly debunked.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman knows that in these days of economic uncertainty there is only one sure fire way to ensure prosperity: marry a friggin bazillionaire attend college and hope to be able to land a job that pays enough to cover your mountain of student debt.

If you somehow missed Mr. Friedman’s love letter to Race to the Top and Arne Duncan, allow me to summarize it for you. You see dear reader, “the high-wage, medium skilled job is over.” (This statement comes to us courtesy of a Gates Foundation “senior education expert” who is no doubt both high waged and high skilled).

But there’s good news. It turns out that thanks to President Obama’s Race to the Top initiative, more students are racing to the top than ever before! Just how many students are racing to the top?  Continue reading →