OMG: We Can Learn So Much From Charter Schools!

Public schools are beginning to implement some charter school “best practices”–like unloading kids who are a drag on graduation rates and test scores.

The great thing about charter schools is that there are so many great things about charter schools. But if I had to pick one it would be best practices. These are all of the things that charters do better than traditional union-stifled public schools, like innovation, high expectations and no excuses. Luckily, charter schools are happy to share their best practices unless they are for-profit charters in which case all of their practices are proprietary. Continue reading →

4 out of 5 Edu-Polls are Utter Crap

Most edu-polls are filled with completely meaningless data used to justify wildly misleading conclusions. This 3-D pie chart is lacking only corporate edu-facts.

Everyday I consume between 4 and 5,000 edu-facts. Now you are probably wondering: ‘isn’t that hard on your digestion?’ and ‘don’t you have to consume a lot of alcohol to wash down all of those edu-tidbits?’ The answer to both of your questions is ‘yes.’ But the good news is that I have discovered a quick and easy way to consume said facts. Reader: meet the edu-poll. These handy, compact vehicles are ideal for quickly processing “information” and repackaging such in order to dazzle, confuse or engage with other like minded advocates for education reform. Continue reading →

Boston Globe to Charters: XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Blinded by love, the Boston Globe can forgive and forget when charter data doesn’t add up

To: Education reporters

From: Globe editorial staff

Re: Great idea for even more positive charter stories

As you know, it’s graduation season, which means that we have a great opportunity to highlight the outstanding-ness of charter schools in Massachusetts. Note: be sure to mention high graduate rates and ambitious plans of new grads. Best to avoid issue of how many students fail to complete all four years as poor results make charters seem less outstanding than we all know that they are. If you need an expert to quote just give a holler. Paul Grogan is an EXCELLENT source and we have him on speed dial.

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Another Great Idea from Bill Gates

The Gates Foundation is spending $1.4 million on research involving cool new galvanic bracelets to measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness.

Bill Gates is funding research into magic bracelets that will measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Can a device measuring the effectiveness of philanthropists be far behind?

To all of you Bill Gates haters out there, I challenge you to identify a single one of “Mr. Mensa’s” ideas that hasn’t made our schools better. Ok, fine. Name four. Can’t do it, can you?

Well like BG8s (the Microsoft mogul’s rap name), I happen to agree with the proposition that there are plenty of easy–and more importantly, lucrative–fixes to the complex challenges of public education. So I lit up like a Galvanic bracelet when I read about the Gates Foundation’s decision to pour money into research on the use of so-called GSR devices to measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness. Continue reading →